The first big test!

I gave my new streaming kit its first big outing on Saturday last, the 8th December. I streamed a church event/meeting totaling 4hrs and the stream held up very well. I used my LiveU Solo with two dongles and wifi to my iphone’s personal hotspot and was able to maintain a stream above 7 Mbps (7000kbps). This was sufficient for a good full HD data rate and I was pleased with even Youtube’s ‘crushed’ recording! I employed two cameras, my ATEM Television Studio HD switcher, a small laptop and my LiveU Solo. All in all I was very satisfied and so were the customers!

LiveU, BMD ATEM HD and Production Gear

After a fair amount of deliberation I have taken the plunge and invested in some new, more reliable streaming kit. The LiveU Solo, a dedicated hardware encoder, is both powerful and portable and streams to many standard platforms (Youtube, Facebook etc) but also generic rtmp destinations. It is also moderately priced, which is an important factor when working to a budget. This pairs nicely with the Black Magic Design ATEM switcher (Television Studio HD) for using more than one camera. All supplied by those nice people at Production Gear with the added advantage that the proprietor, Simon Beer, is a keen and experienced live streamer. I shall be posting on Youtube, in the near future, my experiences of testing this setup so look forward to seeing you and your comments.

Great River Race 2018

Quite excited about being scheduled to stream this year’s Great River Race on the Thames. It starts from Millwall and ends at Ham, Richmond. Not sure of the details yet but broadcast should start about 9.30am BST. Various categories of rowing boats including Dragon Boats, Gig Racers, rowing boats of all kinds and the race lasts about 3.5hrs


Hen Harrier Day 2018

This proved to be a most successful day in the continuing campaign led by BAWC for the protection of our native raptors. In particular the Hen Harrier. The event was live streamed for those unable to attend but about 200 people did come to RSPB Rainham Marshes as well as several leading conservationists including Mark Avery, Natalie Bennett and Chris Packham.

Rainham – Live!

Well, I have to admit it’s a week late but I will be live streaming from RSPB Rainham Marshes tomorrow at 11.00am, with Howard Vaughan. We’ll be broadcasting from the Marshland Discovery Zone (known locally as the MDZ) about the artificial sandbank, kingfishers and anything else that’s about. Here’s the link/location:

Rainham – Live

As from 6th March I shall be streaming live from RSPB Rainham Marshes each month. Each stream will clarify what any visitor is likely to see that month as well as look at “what’s through the lens” that day. Join us at: around 11.00am

More details nearer the time on: @wildlifefilming on Twitter and

Big Garden Bird Watch – Live Stream

If all goes well I shall be live streaming from RSPB Rainham Marshes on Friday at 11.00am. Talking about the Big Garden Bird Watch taking place this weekend, with Howard Vaughan, Pat Hart et al. You can watch from here:
Recorded version will be available if you miss it.

Live Streaming Testing

Preparations for live-streaming are now almost complete and I hope to be doing a test session (possibly from Rainham Marshes) on Wednesday 10th Jan. I’m using the software encoder OBS in conjunction with an Elgato Cam-Link HDMI capture device and two cameras. At the moment my small laptop can’t cope with the usb bandwidth for two Cam-Links so one camera will be a normal usb webcam. The other is my A7s2. The more difficult aspect is balancing the audio using the A7s2 microphone for both camera views but I think I’ve got that worked out now using OBS. We shall see! I’m using a 4G up-link. (The force is strong, I think).

The link should be: